Goblin Valley State Park


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While on the way back from a guided tour of Cathedral Valley in Capitol Reef National Park, we stopped at Goblin Valley State Park. In Utah, the State Parks are every bit as spectacular as the National Parks, with fewer crowds.


Goblin Valley State Park features thousands of mushroom-shaped hoodoo rocks, referred to as “goblins.” Goblin Valley has as many of these hoodoos as Bryce National Park, but most of the ones we saw in Bryce were pointier.


Our guide didn’t know we were huge Sci-Fi fans and so didn’t anticipate the sheer delight we experienced at finding ourselves in the middle of the alien planet that Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver and crew landed on in the movie Galaxy Quest.


While we didn’t see any beryllium spheres, we did enjoy the paved roads into the park. The fees the state received for allowing the movie to be filmed there paid for the access road.


We spent at least an hour walking among the bizarre formations. Hubby found one that looked like an Easter Island head, there was another with a cool window. We saw very few people the whole time we were there.


Location: Goblin Valley Rd, Green River, UT 84525

Designation: State Park

Date designated or established: 8/24/1964

Date of my visit: 4/13/2017


23 thoughts on “Goblin Valley State Park

  1. Glad that you covered this state park. Some of our favorite sights are in the desert of Utah with incredible rock formations. Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef and Arches are obvious, but there’s also the nearby Colorado National Monument and others that you mention. And there have been many Hollywood movies that have used the scenery for their films from sci-fi to westerns to Thelma and Louise.

  2. We sort of stumbled across this park while we were driving through the vicinity, and also had much fun exploring the whimsical rock formations, without too many other visitors. We hope to swing back by there one of these days.

  3. Kings On the Road

    Wow! This is a good find. The National parks on the area are great. Thanks for finding state parks that are every bit as spectacular.

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