Zion National Park: Lower Emerald Pool


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After we checked into the Zion Lodge, we had enough time for a short hike before dinner. We headed to the trail head for the Emerald Pools, right across the street from the hotel.


We crossed the footbridge over the Virgin River and followed the paved path upriver. This is a very popular trail due to its accessibility. In the late afternoon, it was way too crowded for our taste.


After about a half-mile of dodging obnoxious tourists, we arrived at Lower Emerald Pool. Waterfalls spill over an overhang here and the path continues behind the falls to Middle and Upper Emerald Pools. We took a few photos at this point and decided to turn back because of the crowds.


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Location: Springdale, UT

Designation: National Park

Date designated/established: 11/19/1919

Date of my visit: April 9, 2017


20 thoughts on “Zion National Park: Lower Emerald Pool

  1. Kings On the Road

    Many of the most famous national parks are too crowded during high season. We like to see them all but tend to enjoy ourselves more at lesser known yet spectacular parks.

    1. One doesn’t always have the luxury of visiting off season when dealing with school schedules. And had we gone earlier, we wouldn’t have been able to visit the Kolob Canyons section, which was wonderful to see

  2. Beautiful photos! I see you visited in April and had to contend with crowds (spring break?). Do you think March might be better with regard to crowd avoidance? My husband and I are planning a trip out there for 2020. Crowds put a damper on my Yosemite experience, so looking to avoid them as much as possible. Thanks! And thanks for all your travel posts!

    1. This was really the only hike that was unpleasant because of crowds. We did not have to deal with lines for the shuttle because we stayed inside the park. If no school aged kids and you wanted to stay in town, then yes March would probably be better…just check to see when businesses open for the season. Also, we really enjoyed the Kolob Canyon section…entrance an hour north. Not sure if that opens by March…higher elevation, snow

  3. Arriving early is the key. The lines to board the bus at Zion reminded me of waiting in line at Disneyland where the roped off aisles snake back and forth and all around. We came back early the next day and jumped right on.

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