Zion Canyoneering


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For this adventure, we had to head to a slot canyon just outside the park. The NPS does not allow commercially guided rope-work inside Zion National Park.


We headed into Springdale early in the morning and met up with our guide, Chad, at Zion Adventure Company. We were paired up with a mother-daughter team for our half-day family canyoneering excursion.


Our guide, Chad, drove us to a remote area outside park boundaries. After a short hike we came to the entrance of the path through the rock and harnessed up. Chad guided us through getting our lines on and we did a practice rappel at a small drop.


For the rest of the morning, we traveled through the hunk of rock in the desert by rappelling, down-climbing, scrambling and squeezing through crevices. It was at times terrifying, but ultimately a rewarding experience.

Zion Park Posts:

IMG_0025Location: 36 Lion Blvd, Springdale, UT 84767

Designation: National Park (just outside)

Date designated/established: 11/19/1919

Date of my visit: April 10, 2017IMG_0074

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