Exploring Public Lands with T

Update 3/27/2018: After a few months of writing, scheduling and posting entries for this blog, I’ve realized that my ‘mission statement’ needs to be expanded to encompass all of our public lands, not just the sites managed by the National Park Service. While I still feel that the NPS does the best job of the various agencies in making our history and national resources accessible to and enjoyable for the public, we often find ourselves visiting sites outside of this network . The agencies I often check when planning a vacation are

  • The National Park Service (419 areas)
  • The National Wildlife Refuge System (562 refuges)
  • The Bureau of Land Management (221 wilderness areas, 27 national monuments, 636 National Conservation Lands)
  • The USDA Forest Service (154 National Forests, 20 National Grasslands)

That’s 2039 places to go! Happy traveling!

Original post: It is the beginning of 2018 and there are currently 417 areas under the management of the National Park Service, America’s best idea.

For years, I have searched nps.gov and other similar resources when planning our family vacations. I always like to incorporate as many of these sites into our itinerary as possible without making the trip a total snoozefest for the family.

My intention is for this blog to serve as a resource for people with the same passion for the parks as me by tagging the units I review by state and including any off-the-beaten-path recommendations I have to offer. At the very least, it will serve as a travelogue, a remembrance of where I’ve been and a reminder of where I still need to go.


16 thoughts on “Exploring Public Lands with T

  1. There are so many great parks to see! I’m heading to do a perimeter road trip around Four Corners, including Canyonlands, Arches, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, etc. Leaving May 1! I can’t wait! It’s so nice to find your blog for future ideas. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for continuing to read my current blog. If you are interested, I am doing a repeat post of our 2017 trip to Europe. My wife always likes to relive these trips on the anniversary and this was the easiest way I could make that happen for her to access. I am about 5 days in, but you are welcome to read, if you wish. Likely a bit more interesting that Edmonton in spring. Here is the site address https://confusedandamusedsite.wordpress.com. Upcoming on my current site will be another trip to Vancouver, where I will try to post on some different stuff, a short trip in August to Jasper National Park and then in the fall our 2 month journey across Canada and back. I appreciate you continuing to read. Allan

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    1. Thanks! I’ll be sure to check out the other blog! I am still pulling from the archives and have posts scheduled out a few months so I don’t miss a Monday or Friday. We have some great trips planned (Glacier NP up next) and I’ll be figuring out how to get the more current stuff in the rotations without flooding anyone’s feed all at once 🙂

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  3. Looking forward to your future posts. This fall, when we drive across Canada, we will be returning through the U.S. fro Sarnia to North Dakota. There are a few parks to see on the way, but looking forward to Mount Rushmore NM and Badlands NP in South Dakota.

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    1. If you are stopping overnight in the Badlands area, I recommend the Circle View Ranch…it’s a B&B…we were there in 2009, so it may have changed, but we enjoyed our stay there…wished we’d stayed more than a night before moving on. It’s on top of a butte in the middle of the badlands, lovely breakfast, friendly hosts, and our kids got to look for eggs the free range chickens had laid https://www.circleviewranch.com/


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  5. Erin

    Nice work! Nothing better than opening a state map and looking at all the public lands I want to visit. The hard part is narrowing down my list to fit within my time constraints. We live in a beautiful country and thankfully we have preserved some incredible places.

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    1. How exciting! Will you make it to Maine? Boston? All my posts on those are up. If you are reading on a computer, the state categories are on the right side. Click Maine or Massachusetts and all relevant posts will come up. If reading on a phone, the categories are at the bottom of the scroll.


      1. That’s the plan seeing all six states and Boston. Yep, that’s where I usually go to click on the states to read those blogs. 💗


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