Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Hanging Garden Trail

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After touring the Glen Canyon Dam, we asked a ranger in the visitor’s center for a short hike we could fit into the end of our day. He gave us directions to the Hanging Garden hike. The turn-off is 1/4 mile from the opposite side of the Glen Canyon Bridge from Carl Hayden Visitor Center on Highway 89.


There aren’t great signs for the turn off, so we initially parked at the wrong trail-head.


Our ‘wrong turn’ was an interesting hike meandering around the cool sandstone formations on the shore of Lake Powell.


Then we went a little further down the road and found the right turn-off. Trail-head parking is 500 yards off of Highway 89 on a dirt road.

IMG_6265 Hanging Garden

This short, 1-mile round trip trail was created by the park service and leads to a startling green oasis beneath the rim of a butte. The route is easy to follow with a path marked by rocks along the entire route. There was no shade on this trail, but that was the only difficult part of the hike.

IMG_6290 Hanging Garden

There is a seep spring hidden beneath the sandstone. This spring captures rainwater and then slowly releases it, causing vegetation to grow vertically on the sheltered wall. It was pretty cool to see this in the midst of the barren landscape.

IMG_6283 Hanging garden

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Location: Scenic View Drive and Hwy 89, Page, AZ
Designation: National Recreation Area
Date designated/established: October 27, 1972
Date of my visit: August 18, 2014