Blackstone River Valley NHP: Slater Mill

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New England Road Trip➤

Patty and I hit the road again in April 2023. We planned to visit a friend in Rhode Island and attend a meetup of the National Park Travelers Club in Massachusetts. Along the way we hit several other National Park Units and historic sites. We visited Slater Mill in the Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park along the way.

Blackstone River Valley NHP➤

Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park preserves, protects, and interprets the industrial heritage of the area. Some of the earliest successful textile mills in the United States developed in the Blackstone River Valley. These mills contributed significantly to the American Industrial Revolution. The Blackstone Canal, constructed a few years after the Erie Canal, helped to sustain the region’s industrial strength. The park encompasses a state park, the river and several historic districts, including the Slater Mill Historic District.

Slater Mill➤

Samuel Slater apprenticed as a young man with industrialist Jedediah Strutt in Belper, England. He used the skills he learned in England to found a textile mill complex on the banks of the Blackstone River in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. In 1793, the dam, waterwheel and cotton spinning mill opened for business. This began the revolution that transformed America from an agricultural nation to an industrial power.

On this site, there are three historic buildings. The Old Slater Mill offers guided tours of the historic cotton spinning operation during the summer months. The Sylvanus Brown House served as the home for Samuel Slater’s mechanic. The Wilkinson Mill made the machines for the textile mills.

None of these buildings were open, so we strolled the grounds and crossed the river to get a better look at the dam and the complex from the other side.

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Location: 67 Roosevelt Ave, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Designation: National Historical
Date designated/established: December 19, 2014
Date of my visit: April 13, 2023