Vietnam Vets National Memorial

Welcome back to National Parks and other public lands with T!

Years ago, we spent a day exploring the monuments and memorials on the National Mall. We rode the hop on and off bus. After stopping at the Lincoln Memorial, we walked over to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial honors those who served in the armed forces, died fighting or went MIA during the Vietnam War. The main section is the Memorial Wall which was completed in 1982. It is inscribed with over 58 thousand names on 144 granite panels.

There is a hushed and somber feeling as you as you follow the path past the wall. The reflective surface was designed to portray the past (the engraved names) and the present (the reflection of those looking at them) simultaneously. There was a veteran on hand helping visitors find names and make rubbings. Some left flowers behind.


Nearby is a bronze statue named The Three Servicemen depicting three soldiers who appear to gaze at the wall in tribute to their fallen brothers.

Location: 5 Henry Bacon Dr NW, Washington, DC 20245
Designation: National Memorial
Date designated/established: November 13, 1982
Date of my visit: November 7, 2007

2007_1124(035) Vietnam Vets