Happy 70th to the National Trust for Historic Preservation!

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IMG_2737On October 26, 1949, the National Trust for Historic Preservation was founded with the goal of saving America’s historic places. The trust maintains 27 sites around the country which are open to the public and has contributed to the restoration of hundreds of other places.IMG_2688

As a member, I receive a copy of Preservation magazine and discounted admission to the 27 sites operated by the Trust, including Lyndhurst which I reviewed here. We’ve also toured Many Glacier Hotel…the Trust was instrumental in helping to raise the funds to save this historic National Park Lodge from sliding off its foundations into the lake.

Happy anniversary and thanks for all you do!

Happy 100th Birthday to the NPCA!

Trail of the Cedars: The NPCA and allies halted a fracking operation outside Glacier National Park.

One hundred years ago today, on May 19, 1919, the National Parks Association was incorporated. Mather, the National Park Service’s first director, and Yard,  a journalist had pushed for an organization independent of the federal agency whose mission was to promote and protect our National Parks.

Gettysburg National Military Park. The NPCA blocked a casino and racetrack from being built on the park’s outskirts on three different occasions.

In its century of existence, the NPA, which is now the National Parks Conservation Association, has grown from a few hundred members to 1.3 million. The organization has been a driving force behind the designation of many NPS sites, including the Everglades. It has protected old growth forests in our parks from being felled, the Grand Canyon from dams and commercial development, Gettysburg from casinos, etc…

In 1965, the NPCA and its allies prevented two proposed dams from being built in the Grand Canyon. In 2016, they blocked a huge commercial development just outside the park.

In recent years, the NPCA has fought alongside other environmental advocacy groups like the Sierra Club against the reduction or elimination of National Monuments in Utah. In March of this year, they won a court battle to preserve Historic Jamestown, preventing an energy company from building transmission towers on the site.

Happy centennial to the NPCA and thanks for all that you do!

In 1934, the NPCA lobbied for the passage of the Everglades Act, which ultimately led to the creation of Everglades National Park

Aloha! An update from T…


Aloha readers of National Parks with T! We have just returned from our Hawaii dream trip. We flew into Honolulu and spent a few nights in a hotel from which we explored the island of Oahu. Then we boarded a cruise ship which took us to adventures on Maui, Hawai’i (The Big Island). and Kauai.


Along the way we took about 1500 photos and should have lots of new blog posts from this trip throughout 2019. Needless to say, we are still a little jet-lagged and now that we are home again we are dealing with a health crisis for my little dog, Lily. She needs surgery, so we are preoccupied with that at the moment.


Mahalo for reading and commenting on my posts! I do read all of your comments and they make me smile, even if I can’t respond right away. I promise to catch up with all of you in the near future!


Meanwhile, you will continue to see previously scheduled posts. Until we meet again…