NPCA Call To Action: Gates of the Arctic


On March 27th, 2020, The National Parks Conservation Association requested its members share the following video regarding a threat to one of the USA’s wildest parks, The Gates of the Arctic National Park and preserve. Since a lot of us are currently under ‘Stay at Home’ orders, now might be a good time to advocate for our parks by signing the NPCA’s petition 

The 210-mile Ambler industrial mining road in Alaska would cut through Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, disrupting one of Earth’s longest wildlife land migrations, cutting across vital waterways and threatening the way of life for Alaska Native communities. And a slew of rushed federal reviews and permits are now being rolled out, bringing this private industrial mining road across the open expanse of Northwestern Alaska one step closer to reality.

Alex Johnson
NPCA Alaska Program Manager

What do you think? Is it worth disrupting an ecosystem for easier access to copper ore and the creation of 400 jobs (many temporary?) Oh, and it will cost an estimated $430 million to build and you cannot drive on it, unless you work for the mining company. This road is allowed by the legislation that created the park in 1980, but is it the right way to treat our public lands?