2021 Retrospective

Welcome back to National Parks and other public lands with T!

Farewell 2021

The year proved to be very difficult for my family. It started off with such promise. With vaccines, we anticipated gathering with our family again and finally travelling somewhere outside the tristate area. Then, my little dog Lily got cancer. We canceled a trip we planned to take with the dogs so that we could focus on keeping her as comfortable as possible. Home cooking and steroids kept her tail wagging for two more months, but then it was time to let her go. It wrecked me.

Lily, hiking in Ramapo State Forest

A month later, we were en route to the National Parks Traveler Convention in Washington DC. The convention had been rescheduled from 2020 due to Covid. We had tours of many NPS sites lined up to make up for a year of no new park visits. We made it as far as Delaware before we got the call that my Dad had passed away. I miss sharing this blog with him…he was my biggest fan.

Life over the following months was a series of funerals as we said goodbye to my best friend’s husband and my dear Uncle Chris. I became a caregiver, obsessed with doctor’s visits and diagnoses. For the final act, 2021 brought my family Covid and we quarantined over the holidays.

NY Public Library

In spite of all the heartache of 2021, I realize that we are blessed. We are fortunate to have ever had so much to lose. I was lucky to be raised by a kind, intelligent man who taught me to value history and love nature. So lucky to have my family and friends as the best support system. Graced to live near enough cultural treasures to continue publishing a travel blog after two years of minimal travel.

Croton Gorge

Top 10 2021

Because of the above disruptions, most of this year’s popular posts are in the New York/New Jersey area. And one of them was the tribute to my Dad. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments on that one…it means a lot.

Thanks for following and best wishes for a happier and healthy New Year!

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