Waterloo Village


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Waterloo Village is a historic, open air museum in Allamuchy Mountain State Park. Situated on the banks of the Musconetcong River, it was a bustling canal town in the 1800s.


The town was the halfway point on the Morris Canal, which was used to ferry coal  from Pennsylvania to the New York City area. Canal workers would stop at Waterloo overnight as the 102-mile trip, with canal boats towed by mules, was a 2-day journey.


Waterloo boasted a grist mill, general store, church, blacksmith and an inn. Many of these buildings have been restored and are open to the public on a limited schedule.


After the Civil War, trains became the dominant means of transporting coal. By 1900, only one boat per year made the trip. The village was abandoned in 1924.


Location: Waterloo Rd, Stanhope, NJ 07874

Designation: State Park, NRHP

Date designated or established: September 13, 1977

Date of my visit: 5/20/2017