Zion National Park: Angel’s Landing


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So in my previous post on Scout Lookout, we established that there was no way I was climbing the narrow ridge to Angel’s Landing. My husband however, was determined to do it and my teen was on the fence. So we began the two-mile ascent to Scout Lookout at 8 AM.


While this section of the hike has a nice wide path that is paved for a good part of the way, the elevation gain makes it a tough climb. We\ had to take frequent breaks to catch our breath and enjoy the beautiful the view.


By the time we reached Scout Lookout and the base of the Angel’s Landing stretch, it was almost 9:30 AM and it was getting pretty crowded. To get to Angel’s landing, you must climb up a pile of rocks to a narrow ridge. Then, holding onto chains bolted into the rocks, you cross the spine of rock, with sheer cliffs on either side, to the landing on the opposite peak. There are several signs at the base warning people of the hazards.


My husband and teen got in line to ascend to the ridge. My teen quickly turned around and decided to wait at Scout Lookout with me once she’d seen the ridge and realized that everyone had to use the same chain…going up or down.


With so many people on the trail, it was more than a little chaotic and scary. It took my husband over an hour to come back because of having to wait for people to come up before going down. But he made it to the top and snapped a couple of pics along the way.


Location: Springdale, UT

Designation: National Park

Date designated/established: 11/19/1919

Date of my visit: April 11, 2017