Ramapo County Reservation: Ruins


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Ramapo Valley Reservation is a County Park in Bergen County, New Jersey. It was designated a wilderness area in 1972 with about 700 acres and has since grown to encompass over 4000 acres.


It is a dog-friendly park with a few wide, flat trails and some more challenging ones up to scenic vistas. We are always greeted by the ruins of an old structure when we enter the park, perhaps a far flung outbuilding from the nearby Crocker mansion (recently listed for the mere sum of $39 million.) The park may eventually demolish it since it seems to be used as an after-hours hangout these days.


Ramapo Reservation Posts:


Location: 608 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah, NJ 07430

Designation: County Park

Date designated or established: 1972

Date of my visit: 8/9/2019