Kent Pond: Gifford Woods State Park

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Kent Pond at Gifford Woods►

We stopped at Kent Pond after visiting Thundering Falls. This small lake feeds into Kent Brook which in turn feeds Thundering Falls. Kent Pond is part of Gifford Woods State Park.

Kent Pond

The State Park is adjacent to Green Mountain National Forest. The Killington and Pico ski slopes are visible from here. The pond is a popular site for fishing.

Killington from Kent Pond

The state established Gifford Woods State Park in 1931. It began as a small 13 acre park. Then the CCC built the park office, restrooms, parking lots and other infrastructure during the Great Depression. The state continued to acquire surrounding land parcels until the park was almost 300 acres.

In 1980, the National Park Service designated a section of Gifford Woods a National Natural Landmark. This section is one of Vermont’s few remaining old-growth hardwood forests.

Location: Thundering Brook Road, Killington, VT
Designation: State Park
Date Designated/Established: 1931
Date of my visit: 8/1/2020