Glacier National Park: Logan Pass

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Logan Pass

When in Glacier, we toured the Going-to-the-Sun Road via the Red Bus Eastern Alpine Tour. Also called Jammers, these buses have run the road for over a century. The weather was nice, so our driver rolled back the canvas top and we took in the spectacular views. After stopping at the Wild Goose Island overlook, we headed to Logan Pass.


As we continued down Going to the Sun Road in our jammer, we could see that Logan Pass was socked in with fog. When we parked in the lot, it was freezing and visibility was almost zero.


Logan Pass was named after Glacier National Park’s first superintendent. Logan served from 1910-1913, advocating for the park’s protection and overseeing its initial management. The highest point on Going to the Sun Road, it remains one of the most visited spots in the park.


On the red bus tour day, we saw kids skiing on the snow drifts. We grabbed a quick photo by the Continental Divide sign and then went into the visitor center to see the displays and get a souvenir pin.


The Red Bus headed back up Going to the Sun Road, making a stop at the lush Reynolds Creek Valley overlook. There were waterfalls everywhere we looked. The view here more than made up for the fog over Logan Pass.


We stopped by Logan Pass later in the week to see the view when there was no fog, in the early morning before the lot was crowded.


This time we were able to see Clements Mountain looming over the visitor center. From the other side of the lot, we could see the sun rising over Going to the Sun Mountain.


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Location: Going-to-the-Sun Road, East Glacier Park, Montana
Designation: National Park
Date designated/established: May 11, 1910
Date of my visit: June 24, 2018