Long Valley Peonies

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A Peony Farm in the Country»

On a lovely day in June, I rode out to Long Valley to see a Peony Farm amidst rolling hills and small historic towns. Peonies, known as the King of Flowers for the large blooms, have come into vogue in New Jersey in the past decade. There are a few places in the state to see them en masse at peak bloom, including the Long Valley Peony Farm.IMG_7886Long Valley Peonies is a small family-run farm, established in 2011.  With over 60 varieties of peonies scattered across several fields, it was beautiful sight to see on the morning of my visit.IMG_7888The farm is open to the public only a few days per week in late May/ early June. Commercial photography is not allowed, thought there were plenty of hobbyists walking the fields and taking photos. They do not charge admission, but have a farm stand where it’s suggested you make a purchase after touring the farm…I brought a lovely bouquet home.IMG_7867

Location: 227 W Mill Rd, Long Valley, NJ 07853

Designation: Farm

Date established/designated: 2011

Date of my visit: June 6, 2020