Walnut Cliff Dwelling

Walnut Canyon National Monument Virtual Tour

Walnut Cliff Dwelling
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Take a virtual tour of Walnut Canyon

Follow the duo from Adventurous Way as they explore Walnut Canyon National Monument. In this 4-minute video (embedded below), they will take you through the history of the Sinagua, who built the cliff dwellings here. Join them as they walk the easy Rim Trail with its scenic vistas. Next, descend into the canyon on the Island Trail for a closer look at the ancient dwellings.

The couple does a great job of capturing the Walnut Canyon experience in a short, but informative video. Of course, it took us longer than four minutes when we were there. Though the Island Trail is less than a mile, there are 240 steps down to the dwellings. And the only way back to the visitor center is up those same steep 240 steps!

Walnut Wall

Discover an Ancient Sinaguan Trail

The National Park Service produced a 6-minute video on the 800-year-old trail discovered by archaeologists in 2008. You can view it by clicking here. Travel the ancient Trail To Water with Ranger Ted Tsouras.

Walnut Canyon

Location: 3 Walnut Canyon Road, Flagstaff, AZ

Designation: National Monument

Date designated/established: 11/30/1915

Date of my visit: August 2014