Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary


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Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary was once a Boy Scout Camp on the border of New Jersey and New York near the Palisades. Rockleigh Borough purchased the land in 1975 and the NY-NJ Trail conference maintains five blazed trails in the Sanctuary’s 84 wooded acres.


I met up with Take A Hike NJ at the sanctuary on a nice September day and brought along my dogs. This is a dog friendly park. We encountered many other dogs on the trail (and one horse), though my girls seemed to be the only ones on leash.


We followed the yellow and white blazes, hiking about 3.5 miles and gained 500 feet in elevation. There were several stream crossings with strategically placed stepping stones. We passed some ruins along the way and saw some bright orange mushrooms.


The Borough of Rockleigh is a Historic District. The land was given to New York by New Jersey in the 1600s and reverted back to New Jersey in 1769 in a border dispute resolution between the two states.


Location: 26 Rockleigh Rd, Rockleigh, NJ 07647

Designation: Borough Park

Date designated or established: 1975

Date of my visit: 9/28/2019