Ringwood State Park: Shepherd Lake

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Shepherd Lake in Ringwood NJ State Park»

The Shepherd Lake area of Ringwood State Park is a recreation area with a 74-acre spring-fed lake and a network of hiking and mountain biking trails. It was a ski area in the 1960s and remains of that operation can still be seen on the trails. The trails are maintained by the NY-NJ Trail Conference.


The Church of St. Luke is an old stone church that sits on a hill overlooking Shepherd Lake. It dates back to 1895 and was commissioned as a memorial to J.P. Morgan’s physician, Dr. Alfred Loomis whose estate once included Shepherd Lake.


Ringwood State Park Posts:


Location: Morris Road, Ringwood, N.J. 07456

Designation: State Park

Date established/designated: 1966

Date of my visit: March 15, 2020