Statue of Liberty National Monument: Museum


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In the Spring of 2019, the park service opened the new Statue of Liberty museum on Liberty Island. Exhibits previously on display inside the pedestal were moved here to the more interactive Engagement Gallery. These illustrate the process Bartholdi used to create the Statue and its history.


The Immersive Theater is a new attraction. It showcases a 10-minute film in three circular viewing rooms. The documentary flows from one room to the next as the story progresses.


In the Inspiration Gallery, visitors can pose for a selfie and add their image to an evolving digital collage called Becoming Liberty.


This is also the new home of the Statue’s original torch. It was removed when the shiny new torch was installed for the statue’s centennial in the 1980s. The old torch was relegated to storage on Ellis Island for over 30 years.


The museum has a living roof and observation deck. This is a nice space to take in views of the island, statue, harbor and NYC.


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Location: Jersey City & New York City

Designation: National Monument

Date designated or established: May 2019 (Museum)

Date of my visit: 9/23/2019

Replica of the foot in the Statue of Liberty Museum
Statue Of Liberty dt1
My great-grandfather, a carpenter, posing on the foot in the 1920s or 30s. He is in the middle.