Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park

SF076Location: 1414 Harbour Way South, Suite 3000, Richmond, California

Designation: National Historical Park

Date NPS designation declared: 10/25/2000

Date of my visit: 9/02/2017

As able-bodied American men went off to fight in WWII, women stepped into the void left in the workforce at home. ‘Rosie the Riveter’ was a campaign aimed at recruiting women to work in the defense industries. The real ‘Rosie’, Naomi Parker Fraley passed away earlier this year. She was in her nineties and her image continues to inspire and symbolize the empowerment of women.

Richmond, CA was chosen for the site of the National Historical Park because of the major role it played in the war effort. Its shipyards produced 747 ships, more than any other in the US, with a high percentage of ‘Rosies’ in its workforce.

The museum is on the bay in a seedy area with warehouses. They do have a parking lot and we felt safe parking and walking to the building. There was such a haze from the Oregon fires that we couldn’t see the skyline, but I’d think there would be great views of San Francisco from here under normal circumstances.

Two rangers welcomed us and gave us the film schedule…there are two short films shown regularly that you must see. While waiting for the films to begin, we perused the displays. It really is amazing what was accomplished here.

We CAN do it!

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