Oregon Caves National Monument: Chateau & Nature Trail


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The Chateau at Oregon Caves is one of the National Park’s “Great Lodges,” and a National Historic Landmark. While visiting the park (read my post on the Discovery Cave Tour here) we went into the Chateau to admire the decor and have lunch in the 1930s era Caves Café.


What a fun retro café! We were delighted to step back in time while relaxing in this charming and friendly soda fountain.


We especially enjoyed the sweet potato fries and the shakes were huge and to-die-for. My daughter could not finish her chocolate malted so of course I helped her… Delicious, best shake I’ve ever tasted.


After our lunch and cave tour, we had time for a short hike before getting back on the road. We picked up The Cliff Nature Trail behind the Visitor Center. This one mile loop travels over the marble cave and ascends nearly 400 feet through the fir trees of Siskiyou National Forest to panoramic views of the Illinois Valley.


It took us less than an hour to complete the trail, allowing for a slow ascent and lots of photo stops.



Location: 19000 Caves Hwy, Cave Junction, OR 97523

Designation: National Monument

Date designation declared: 7/12/1909

Date of my visit: August 2016


21 thoughts on “Oregon Caves National Monument: Chateau & Nature Trail

  1. I grew up in Oregon and have never heard of this chateau. Great pics and write-up; next time I am back home I’ll have to try and drive over!

    1. Thanks! It’s really in the middle of nowhere in Southern Oregon. I only noticed it on the map when plotting out a Redwoods – Crater Lake trip. Hadn’t heard of it before either. Looks like a nice place to get away from it all for a few days.

      1. I grew up on the eastern side of the state (if you’ve seen that documentary “Wild Wild Country” everyone’s talking about, it’s that area). We’d make it to K Falls every once in a while, but still, I had no idea this place existed.

        When I first clicked on the post I thought it was going to be about the Sea Lion Caves. Boy was I wrong!

  2. I visited the Oregon Caves a few years ago – what a remarkable place! The tour was very cool, and those milkshakes – to die for! It is on my list to stay at the chateau one day.

    1. Thanks! That’s so kind of you to say. I use mainly a Canon Rebel T5 i, but some of the shots are with a Samsung Galaxy Note and anything prior to 2015 (or more recent photos taken in sand or water conditions not safe for the Canon) are with a basic point and shoot. My secret is taking lots and lots of shots and discarding most of them, LOL.

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