Lackawanna Coal Mine


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On our way back from a stay in Northern Pennsylvania, we took a break from driving at the Lackawanna Coal Mine. We took a trip on the Mantrip…a unique enclosed mine car used to shuttle people from the visitor center down the steep slope and into the mine. From there we walked through the tunnels with a guide who was the descendant of a miner and learned about the history of the place.


The mine was opened by Continental Coal Company in 1903 and produced coal until it closed in 1966. In 1978, with funds from the federal government, the mine was converted into a museum. It opened to the public in 1985 and is managed by Lackawanna County.

Location: Bald Mountain Road, Scranton, PA 18504

Designation: Museum

Date designated or established: 1985

Date of my visit: 8/11/2006


7 thoughts on “Lackawanna Coal Mine

  1. Good post. Mine tours are interesting and perhaps a bit scary. We toured the Springhill mine in Nova Scotia, where they had 2 explosions (1891 killing 125), 1956 killing 39) and a “bump” in 1958 killing 75. One of the guides was rescued from the bump. Kind of humbling to be down there and no fast route out. Allan

    1. Thanks! Yes it was a little creepy down there in the cold and dark, but it was a hot humid day, so the cold wasn’t unwelcome. If you saw my older post on the other PA mine we visited, that one is very near to Centralia, an abandoned town on top of a coal mine that’s been on fire for decades.

  2. Have you seen The Office episode where he wants to take the office to the Lackawanna Coal Mine? I couldn’t help thinking of this when I read your post. Very cool!

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