Crater Lake National Park: Happy 117th birthday!



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One hundred seventeen years ago, on May 22, 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt signed the bill establishing Crater Lake in Oregon as a National Park. This park protects the brilliant blue volcanic lake which is the deepest in the U.S. at 1,943 feet.


Millenia ago,  Mount Mazama (an ancient volcano) collapsed forming Crater Lake in its caldera. There are no rivers feeding into the lake or underground water sources…the water is replenished only by rain and snow. The purity of the water combined with the depth of the lake create the vivid blue color.



Crater Lake posts:



Location: Crater Lake, OR

Designation: National Park

Date designated or established: 5/22/1902

Date of my visit: 8/25/2016


18 thoughts on “Crater Lake National Park: Happy 117th birthday!

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      1. Thank you for the detailed information about the lake. It helped a lot to understand, what happened approximately 7,700 years ago, and why the lake is here, now.

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