Gateway NRA: Farewell Monkey


This post is not so much is not so much about Sandy Hook, which is one of the NPS units that allows dogs at certain times of the year. This is more of a tribute to our dog Monkey, who enjoyed visiting parks with us. She passed away after a sudden and brief illness this week and we are devastated.

In 2011, we rescued Monkey from an overcrowded kill shelter where she’d been held for 4 months without much hope of being adopted before her number was up. We nearly passed her by because her tag said she wasn’t good with children. But as she quietly wagged her tail at us while her neighbors barked, we had a feeling she might be our dog, no matter what the sign said.


And over the course of 8 happy years, we came to realize that she was the one who had adopted us. I am so grateful that we became her forever family.IMG_4169

On Monday night, I stopped by the animal hospital to visit Monkey where she was receiving a transfusion to get her strong enough for surgery. She stood up and wagged her tail at me which I captured in this clip. I hugged her and told her what a good girl she was and asked her to try to get better.


Early the next morning, Monkey took a turn for the worse. The three of us held her and loved her one last time as she crossed the rainbow bridge. I will miss her happy grin, her tireless defense of the perimeter from church people and woodchucks alike, the holes to China she was always digging and the way she looked out for all of us. Rest in peace my sweet, funny girl


Forgive my negligence in visiting your blogs or responding to your comments in a timely manner. I will get back to it soon and meanwhile, our regularly scheduled posts will resume tomorrow.

45 thoughts on “Gateway NRA: Farewell Monkey

      1. Thanks Ken! No, they aren’t. πŸ˜” Our girls liked the last beach at the end and the paths leading to the lighthouse. Pretty sure no dogs allowed in summer and especially now that they have endangered piping plovers nesting.

  1. Sorry for your loss. We once had a rescue dog who was a fear biter and had a grudge against the world – except for us. We loved him and he loved us, and decades later we are still glad we found him. I am so glad you took a chance on Monkey.

    1. Thanks. Yes, Monkey had an issue with stocky men with glasses (or in one case, an unfortunate babysitter with a loud deep voice and glasses.) We guess she’d been mistreated in her early years by a broad man with glasses. She eventually warmed up to her ‘grandfathers’, but never that babysitter, lol.

  2. Gayle Holland

    I have been enjoying your posts and so glad I found your blog. This
    Post breaks my heart for you. I lost my 11 year old Doxie recently, and I know you are in pain. Thank you for sharing with us. Monkey was lucky she found you!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, and my thoughts are with you. I know from personal experience [] how hard it is to lose our four-legged friends, but I also know that they’ll stay in our hearts forever.

  4. Very sad to read about the loss of your companion. It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to use your blog to pay her such a beautiful tribute. I never knew her, of course, but Monkey lives on through your words and photos.

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