Rockaway Beach, Pacifica


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We stopped at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica because we’d heard there was a black sand beach there. When we got there, we saw brownish, ordinary sand. We needed to go a little farther North to Sharp Park Beach for the black sand.


But what we saw at Rockaway was a beach with hardly anyone else on it. We climbed down to the beach, watched a couple of surfers catch a wave and walked out to some cool rock formations with a colony of sea birds on them.


Location: Cabrillo Hwy and Rockaway Beach Ave, Pacifica, CA

Designation: City Beach

Date of my visit: August 13, 2012


6 thoughts on “Rockaway Beach, Pacifica

    1. We did see some of the Oregon coast in 2016, but were driving down to Redwoods NP, so didn’t spend a lot of time. Someday we’ll get back to see the areas we missed. The water in Northern CA is not warm…just dipping toes in will give you a good foot cramp lol


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