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Hello Readers! Thanks so much for your support over the past two years. I’m so glad you have, on occasion, found my posts interesting or useful in planning your own adventures. Our archives have grown considerably…I could have deleted older posts and photos to keep the WordPress hosting free, but then the site would no longer be a comprehensive resource. I was happy to move the site, about a year ago to the business platform with unlimited space, since interacting with all of you has brought me joy.

Unfortunately, my position was eliminated last month, so now I must turn to other means to keep this site running. Rather than bombard you with affiliate links or a Go Fund Me plea, I’ve created a store on Bonfire to afford followers the opportunity to purchase  products using this bnw image of Two Medicine in Glacier National Park while supporting this blog at the same time.

A huge shout out to my sister for being my first customer! Thanks for shopping and happy exploring!



16 thoughts on “NationalParksWithT Store

  1. Best wishes on being led to the perfect position and/or having the perfect position led to you 🙂

    I’m almost out of space on my travel site due to all my photos and am waiting for funds to spend more for pricier wordpress site.

    Good luck with your store!

  2. Good luck both finding the position you want in the future and with the store.
    When we created our blog, we never expected it to be of interest to more than a few friends and then I found I enjoyed writing it. So when I ran out of space for my photos, I chose a less expensive option than the business site and just paid for more space. They may not be what you are interested in doing, however, and I wish you good luck with the store.

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