Harriman State Park: Lake Welch


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Harriman State Park is New York State’s second largest state park, known for its many lakes and streams in the Ramapo Mountains. The original 10,000 acres was donated to the state by Mary Harriman in 1910 with the stipulation that a proposed prison for Bear Mountain be built elsewhere.

Major William Welch was an engineer/environmentalist. Under his leadership, Bear Mountain and Harriman state parks grew to 43,000 acres. Welch built scenic drives, 23 lakes and reforested the park.


Lake Welch, named for Major Welch, was originally a small pond surrounded by farmland. The 216 acre lake was formed in 1942 when its tributary was dammed. Today, it has a large sand beach and is popular for swimming, boating, and fishing.


Harriman Posts:


Location: 800 Kanawauke Rd, Stony Point, NY 10980

Designation: State Park

Date designated/established: 1910

Date of my visit: September 8, 2019


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