Twin Maples: NRHP


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I stopped in to visit Twin Maples during Union County’s Four Centuries in a Weekend event. The home was built in 1908 in Summit, New Jersey, by a prominent attorney from New York. The home’s claim to fame is that it resembles the White House in Washington DC.


The Fortnightly Club of Summit purchased the estate in 1949 and renovated it with environmentally conscious materials and methods in 2017. The home is now heated and cooled via a geothermal well. In 2008, for the home’s centennial, the club hosted a Show House in Twin Maples in which each room was refurbished by a different interior designer.


Location: 214 Springfield Ave, Summit, NJ 07901

Designation: National Register of Historic Places

Date designated or established: 8/29/1997

Date of my visit: 10/20/2019


4 thoughts on “Twin Maples: NRHP

    1. It’s nice…I’m not sure if there are regular tours offered as this was for a history weekend. Went to Liberty Hall after here and that was much more in depth tour with an educated docent and better preserved since the Livingstons donated it along with original artifacts. I wouldn’t make Twin maples the destination, just one of the stops

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