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2019 Lighthouse Challenge of NJ»

The East Point Light was my third stop in The Lighthouse Challenge of NJ, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019.


The East Point Light, formerly known as the Maurice River Light, is the second oldest lighthouse in New Jersey. Built in 1849, it stands watch over the Delaware Bay at the mouth of the Maurice River.


The light was deactivated in 1941 and lay neglected until it was reactivated by the Coast Guard in 1980. It underwent a complete restoration in 2017 and is now open to the public as a museum. The beacon is an active navigational aid.


Inside, I toured the light-keeper’s quarters. It was a fairly large house for those days and the keepers were relatively well-paid. I climbed to the light tower for a view of the river and the bay.


Outside I walked along the eroding shoreline. There are sandbags in place to try to save the light with more permanent measures planned for the future. I also saw butterflies everywhere…East Point is on the migratory path of the Monarch.


2019 Lighthouse Challenge Posts:


Location: 10 Lighthouse Rd, Heislerville, NJ 08324

Designation: National Register of Historic Places

Date established/designated: 1849, added to NRHP August 25, 1995

Date of my visit: October 19, 2019


16 thoughts on “East Point Lighthouse: NRHP

  1. What a beautiful location and interesting to see that not only is the light back in use, but that it has been restored as a museum. Thanks for sharing 😊

  2. There is just something about light houses that fires my imagination. Location doesn’t hurt, of course, nor does the unique look, but it is the life style that I find so intriguing. Thanks. –Curt

    1. They were allowing us up a couple at a time. There is a small admission fee to the museum which includes climbing up to the tower. Not sure what their normal hours are as we were there during the lighthouse challenge weekend

  3. Thank you for this opportunity to learn MUCH more about East Point. I know it as the place where migrating birds pause and contemplate the expanse of Delaware Bay which they must cross in autumn, going south. I also know that beach as one site for healthy egg-laying by the so-endangered horseshoe crab. Sea level rise threatens not only these prehistoric creatures, by devouring essential stretches of sand. It also threatens the handsome, unique East Point Light. I had no idea we can ever enter it – but then, I’m usually there at sundown. Thanks for this important information. Your pictures are stunning! I’m honored that you commented on NJWILDBEAUTY. If you open it and use SEARCH, you’ll bring up many visits to EPL. It’s always felt the most alive of all our lights, even though I did not know its interior had been restored. I want to say EPL has a personality. Even a gender – seeming feminine. Strong yet welcoming, all at once. And vigilant over ships at sea… A lovely way to start a weekend morning, your visit!

    1. Well thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed my post! This lighthouse challenge was my first visit to the area and I really enjoyed it. I hope the organization is successful in mitigating the beach erosion

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