New Jersey State Botanical Garden: Lilac Garden

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The Lilac Garden at NJ State Botanical Garden»

The Skylands section of Ringwood State Park in northern New Jersey consists of the historic Skylands Manor, Shepherd Lake and the New Jersey Botanical Garden. In 1966, the State of New Jersey purchased the estate to form its State Botanical Gardens.IMG_7516The gardens are open to the public every day of the year and are on 96 acres in the Ramapo Mountains. They are maintained by the non-profit Skylands Association.IMG_7507In the 1920s-50s, Skylands was owned by Clarence Lewis. Lewis was a wealthy investment banker who was also a trustee of the New York Botanical Garden. He collected plants and employed 60 gardeners to work his estate.IMG_7513The Lilac Garden is on the manor’s East Lawn, next to the terraced gardens. Several of the flowering shrubs were originally planted by Lewis in the 1920s. The Lilacs bloom in May, with a few lasting into June.IMG_7515

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Location: 2 Morris Rd, Ringwood, NJ 07456

Designation: State Park

Date designated or established: 1966

Date of my visit: May 21, 2020



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  1. Love lilacs. The surest sign of spring and summer. A gift for a teacher, the sweetest smell from my youth. Our lilacs are still a bit away from blooming, but your pictures bring the scent. Stay well T. Allan

      1. Yikes. That puts a new twist on “Stop and Smell the Roses” does it not. I am lucky to have a back yard full of blooms. Now if I could only claim it back from the mosquitoes. Cheers

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