Benjamin Franklin National Memorial

IMG_9759Welcome back to National Parks and other public lands with T! 2006_1006(005)The Benjamin Franklin National Memorial is in the rotunda of The Franklin Institute science museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The focus of the memorial is a 20 foot marble statue of the city’s most famous citizen. The rotunda and memorial opened in 1938 and was designated a National Memorial as part of Independence National Historical Park in 1972.2006_1005(016)Admission to the memorial is free and includes a short multi-media presentation on the life of Benjamin Franklin. Step beyond the doors of the rotunda into one of the country’s oldest Science Institutes, founded in 1824.2006_1005(011)

Location: 222 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Designation: National Memorial

Date established/designated: October 25, 1972

Date of my visit: August 8, 2017

11 thoughts on “Benjamin Franklin National Memorial

    1. Franklin did own slaves early on, but had an eye opening experience at a school for black children and became a devoted abolitionist. He petitioned Congress to end slavery, but the motion was blocked by the southern states. Hopefully history will look kindly on his self-redemption.

  1. Being older than dirt, we remember seeing a great “new” invention touted in the Franklin Institute — the push button phone. They had a huge rotary phone next to a huge push button phone and two kids could race each other to dial a phone number. I hope the place is still as much fun for kids all these decades later.

    1. I remember crawling through the chambers of the giant heart as a child. Decades later, I brought my daughter to the institute and she too played on the same exhibit. It seemed so much smaller to me then, but she enjoyed it as much as I had in my childhood.

      1. I’ve been to Philadelphia a few times but never to the Benjamin Franklin National Historic Site. They’ve usually been short trips often mixed with business.

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