Bryce Canyon National Park: Canyon Trail Ride


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Bryce Canyon National Park is famous for its rock formations called hoodoos, spires of red rock rising from the canyon floor. Not actually a canyon, Bryce is an amphitheater filled with a maze of hoodoos. We didn’t have enough time to do this beautiful park justice, so we got a great overview with Canyon Trail Rides.  

We checked in for our two hour trail ride in the historic lodge. They directed us to the stables out back. The Bryce stables house both mules and horses.
We aren’t experienced riders and were feeling some trepidation. We needn’t have worried. The horses (and some mules) know the route and the staff helped us the whole way. My horse was Peanut and he was sweet and surefooted.
It was a little scary when we first came over the ridge to descend into the canyon. But the scenery was so beautiful and the horses so calm, that our fears quickly evaporated.  Our guide kept us entertained with information about the canyon and cheesy cowboy humor.
We rode to the floor of the canyon, learning about Bristle Cone Pines and the various rock formations along the way. We lined up in formation along a ridge to enjoy the view somewhere around Sunrise Point. Then we ascended back to the starting point.

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Location: Bryce Canyon National Park, UT-63, Bryce, UT 84764

Designation: National Park

Date established/designated: 2/25/1928

Date of my visit: 4/12/2017


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      1. Yellowstone is truly, truly wonderful! You MUST go! Stay in the Park, rather than outside its boundaries, so the wildlife is close at hand at any time of day and night, and give yourself as much time as you can to explore it. Some parts get very busy with tourists, but there’s so much space that it’s easy to lose them and get peacefully close to nature. Oh, those grizzlies!!!

  1. What a great way to see the canyon. The US was in the middle of a shut down when we visited Bryce in Jan 2018, so likely this was not running die to the shut down and the season. In any case, Bryce was beautiful and we were so lucky to be able to hike there. Thanks for sharing T. Allan

  2. One of my fondest memories growing up was visiting Bryce on a road trip from Texas to Wyoming and back with my mom when I was 15 years old. I was adamant that I could do an 8 mile hike into the canyon with no water. Mom packed extra for me, luckily. 🙂

  3. Nice! When we did the trail ride it got a bit exciting when my donkey bit the rear of my husband’s horse in front of me – hang on!

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