Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park
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Fulton Ferry Landing►

Brooklyn Bridge Park sits on the Brooklyn side of the East River in New York City between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. This land has seen a lot of American history. The park includes the historic Fulton Ferry Landing and warehouse buildings from the 1800s.

The first ferry landing was founded here in 1642. George Washington’s Continental Army outran the British during the Battle of Long Island in 1776 by using the landing to cross into Manhattan. In the early 1800s, Robert Fulton established the first steamboat ferry landing on the site.

The Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883. The Manhattan Bridge followed in 1909. These two bridges made the ferry service obsolete and the landing closed in 1924.

The DUMBO Years►

In the 1970s, locals started calling the neighborhood DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.) The Port Authority closed the port in 1984 and tried to sell the piers to a commercial developer. The Friends of Fulton Ferry Landing successfully petitioned the state to build a park instead. DUMBO was added the National Register of Historic Places in 2000 as a historic district.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s first section opened in 2010. Jane’s Carousel, an antique wooden merry-go-round from 1922, opened in its glass enclosure in 2011. A benefactor purchased the carousel at auction and donated it to the city. I visited the area with a photography group in 2016. We watched the sun rise over the park from the Manhattan Bridge.

View of Jane's Carousel from Manhattan Bridge

At that time, the park was still under construction and there was a question of funding for the remaining phases. From our perch above the river, we marveled as the sky turned hues of pink and orange. We snapped numerous photos before heading back across the river to see the new Oculus station.

Manhattan Bridge

Location: 2000 Old Dock St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Designation: City Park, NRHP

Date established/designated: 2010, NRHP September 22, 2000

Date of my visit: March 18, 2016

View from Manhattan Bridge
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21 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bridge Park

  1. A great place to explore and see the Manhattan views. The last time we were in NY, the Brooklyn Bridge was being refurbished, but we still walked across. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    1. I’ve never walked all the way across…just ventured far enough out to get the experience and then retreated back to lower Manhattan because it was always so crowded. This early morning trip to Brooklyn to see it from the other side was a treat.

  2. Great photos. You might enjoy reading about the immigrants who risked their lives, with many dying, to help tunnel during the water for subways. I read an Irish fiction book about that. I think too of the daunting task of building those bridges and how many risked their lives for that as well.

    1. I enjoy historical fiction. Have you read The Alienist? The book was so well-researched, I wondered if it was based on a true crime during Teddy Roosevelt’s tenure as NYC police commissioner. It wasn’t.

      1. Haven’t read that. Other than Tony Hillerman books I tend to stay away from crime stories. I lived on the Navajo reservation, so that is the only reason I can read Tony’s books, and his daughter’s books.

  3. Great pictures. When we were in New York City in the summer of 2018, we took a walking tour over the Bridge to Brooklyn. It was 100 degrees but worth it. And when I got home I read David McCullough’s book about the amazing chronology and technology in constructing it.

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