Saddle River County Park: Red Mill


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Saddle River County Park is a 6-mile, 596 acre linear park that extends from the Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood down to Rochelle Park in Bergen County, New Jersey. There are 5 sections between which the multi-use Saddle River Path travels between.


I set out in search of the Red Mill, entering the Saddle River Path at Dunkerhook Park. The dogs and I walked about two miles south, following the river under the highway in Paramus until we found the Easton Tower.


The Red Mill had been built in 1745 by the Zabriskies and later saw action in the Revolutionary War. Eventually the mill fell into disuse and was demolished.  Edward Easton, the founder of Columbia Records, purchased the land.


Easton, whose home was next to the mill, wanted the property to create a landscaped park in his backyard. The tower, which still stands today, was built in 1900 to pump water for Easton’s gardens.


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Location: Red Mill Road, Paramus, NJ

Designation: County Park

Date of my visit: 10/18/2019


6 thoughts on “Saddle River County Park: Red Mill

  1. Well, Theresa, you continue to reshape my thinking about New Jersey. I used to laugh at jokes which said things to the effect of “The winning prize was a week in Newark and the second prize was three weeks in Newark….” but with the number of beautiful and historic places you have documented in your great blog, it makes me think that the next time we take a trip to the East Coast, besides spending time in my native New York, we need to allocate time to explore New Jersey. Chris Christie would be proud and possibly a little bit humbled! Keep up the good work.

    1. Lol, christie is a gangster and is one of the many reasons we still have a reputation for looking the way the Sopranos portrayed us. When someone asks me where I’m from, I still say NYC, but I guess that’s something that sticks with you. I’ve now been in NJ longer than I was in NY and have come to appreciate the Garden State

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