National Park Photo Feature of the Week: Becky Lomax/Yellowstone

Welcome back to National Parks and other public lands with T!  On a regular basis, we’ll feature a favorite photo or two from a friend in the National Park community. Are you a National Park fan with a photo favorite you think would be great for this series? Send me a private message through the contact section of this blog!

About this photo»

  • Place: Skiing Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho
  • Date: February 2019
  • Photo Credit: Becky Lomax
  • Why it’s one of my favorites: Ski touring in Yellowstone in winter is a time to enjoy the park without throngs of people that are there in summer. Plus, the hydrothermals emit such copious amounts of steam that the landscape often looks quite mysterious. This same shot in July would have a crowd of people on the boardwalk instead of just three skiers. 

Meet Becky Lomax»

National parks are in my DNA. My great-grandparents honeymooned in Yellowstone back when touring was only via horse and carriage. My father worked summers at Mount Rainier before I was born, and he and my mother carried me on my first hike there at 6 months old. That was only a precursor to growing up hiking and backpacking in national parks. Later, I served as a hiking and backpacking guide for a decade in Glacier. I live right outside Glacier and write guidebooks about national parks for Moon Travel Guides.  —Written by Becky Lomax

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