National Park Photo Feature of the Week: Everybody’s National Parks/Great Smoky

Welcome back to National Parks and other public lands with T!  On a regular basis, we’ll feature a favorite photo or two from a friend in the National Park community. Are you a National Park fan with a photo favorite you think would be great for this series? Send me a private message through the contact section of this blog!

About these photos»

  • Place: Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC & TN
  • Date: April 2017 & March 2018
  • Photo Credit: Danielle (Everybody’s National Parks)
  • Pictured (above): We got out of the car to check out this view at the end of our day exploring Cataloochee on the North Carolina side of the Smokies. This day was particularly special because our oldest daughter fell off her bike first thing that morning and fractured her wrist. We spent the first part of the day at the doctor. The day got better and after this picture was taken we saw a double rainbow over a gas station on the drive back to Cosby Campground.
  • Pictured (Below): Our kids love to bring a sketch pad on hikes and stop to sketch when they feel inspired. This photo was taken on the Deep Creek Trail near Juney Whank Falls.
  • Why they are some of my favorites: We love Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We went there for spring break 2 years in a row. The first year we camped in 2 spots on the Tennessee side and enjoyed lush green and wildflowers of spring. The second year it still felt like winter so we did not camp. We explored more of the park on the North Carolina side, including horseback riding in the park and it was the first time our kids saw elk.

Meet Danielle from Everybody’s National Park

I’m Danielle and along with my husband Bryan and our 2 junior rangers we host Everybody’s National Parks, an audio guide podcast promoting family adventure in our national parks. “It’s like having a ranger in your pocket.” We created the podcast we were looking for to help plan and prepare for our trips.–Written by Danielle from Everybody’s National Parks

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