Big Cypress National Preserve: Orientation Film

Big Cypress Preserve
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Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades

We stopped at Big Cypress National Preserve on our way to Orlando after spending the morning at the Gulf Coast side of Everglades National Park. The Big Cypress Swamp provides crucial freshwater to the Everglades. The 25-minute video below is the orientation film shown at both visitor centers.

Big Cypress Area Posts

Location: 52105 Tamiami Trail East, Ochopee, Florida 34141

Designation: National Preserve

Date NPS designation declared: 10/04/1974

Date of my visit: April 2016

5 thoughts on “Big Cypress National Preserve: Orientation Film

  1. My brother used to hang out there in the winter as one of his wintering locations when he migrated between Florida and North Carolina. I visited him there a couple of times. Had a bobcat walk through our campsite, one time.

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