Badlands: The Land of Stone and Light

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The Land of Stone and Light

Badlands National Park is known for its eroded rock formations and protects the largest remaining grassland prairies in the United States. Native Americans used the Badlands as their hunting grounds. The Lakota, because of the extreme temperatures and rough terrain, called it ‘makho sica’ which translates the ‘land bad.’

The Land of Stone and Light is the 22-minute video shown in the visitor center. We didn’t have time to watch it when we visited the park. Fortunately, it we can now view it on You Tube:

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Location: 25216 SD-240, Interior, SD 57750

Designation: National Reserve, State Park, NRHP

Date designated or established: 1/29/1939

Date of my visit: 1/31/2016


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  1. We loved the scenery and the wildlife in Badlands and watched the video in the Visitors’ Center. Badlands was a much more impressive Park than Teddy Roosevelt which we saw the day before.

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