InterTribal Buffalo Council : Returning the Buffalo

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Returning the Buffalo►

The InterTribal Buffalo Council has fought for decades to restore the herds to tribal lands. The ITBC is comprised of 69 Tribes in 19 states with a collective herd of 20,000 bison. Their mission is to restore bison on Tribal lands for cultural and spiritual enhancement and preservation.

Herd of buffalo

The ITBC also seeks to end needless slaughter of healthy buffalo. They have partnered with the National Park Service, the NPCA and other agencies to transfer bison to the Tribes that would normally be culled. In August of 2020, the NPS transferred 40 buffalo from Yellowstone to 16 Tribes in 9 states. The ITBC released the video below to highlight their work.

Happy National Bison Day!►

Today is National Bison Day! Thanks to the persistent lobbying of the ITBSC and the Vote Bison Coalition, a resolution was passed by Congress designating the first Saturday of November as National Bison Day. Then in 2016, President Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act into law which officially made the Bison our national mammal.


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  1. Nice post T and a very worthy cause. One of the many highlights of my visit to Iowa some years ago was to see a protected herd of buffalo in the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge. Happy National Bison Day!

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