Saratoga National Historical Park

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This park preserves the site of the Battles of Saratoga. Historians consider the American victory here in 1777 to be the turning point of the American Revolution. A British Army surrendered for the first time ever in world history! This convinced the French, and then the Dutch and Spanish to ally themselves with the Americans.


We visited Saratoga on our way home from Lake Placid. At the visitor center we watched a short film and viewed a cool fiber optic diorama type presentation on the history of the battlefield. The rangers gave us a map to take the self-guided Battlefield Drive.


We stopped several times along the drive at highlighted points of interest. In some locations there were rangers giving talks and in others there were volunteers dressed in costumes of the era performing demonstrations.

Benedict Arnold injured his leg in the Battle of Saratoga. This monument was erected to honor him, but it does not name him because he later betrayed the Americans.

After touring the battlefield, we drove 8 miles north to the Saratoga monument. We climbed the 188 steps of this obelisk. Completed in 1883, it commemorates the American victory.

Location: 648 NY-32, Stillwater, NY 12170
Designation: National Historical Park
Date designated/established: June 1,1938
Date of my visit: July 30, 2011

Saratoga Monument
Entrance to the monument

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    1. That part was interesting. Benedict Arnold’s name has become synonymous with ‘traitor’. But before he switched sides, he was important to the revolution. I guess that made his betrayal that much worse.

  1. Dear Theresa,

    Just stay away from the Gideon-Putman Hotel when you stay up in Saratoga. I stayed there when I was touring the town and it was not the best experience. The place needed a major renovation. The town of Saratoga has some great restaurants though and is a great weekend spot to visit.

    Great pictures!


    Justin Watrel, Blogger

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