2021 Lighthouse Challenge: Tuckerton Seaport

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2021 Lighthouse Challenge

Tuckerton Seaport was the third stop for us on Day 2 during the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey. Every October the NJ Lighthouse Society runs the challenge in order to raise funds for the state’s historic lighthouses and maritime sites. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event was mostly virtual. In 2021, it was back on. My friend and I decided to spend the full weekend, stopping at every site on the list and collecting the souvenir piece. In previous years, I’d only finished sections of the course.

Patty and I had lived through some tough times in 2021 and were ready for the brief respite afforded by Lighthouse Challenge weekend. I would also be reporting on our odyssey for my week-long takeover of the Jersey Collective. After leaving Absecon in Atlantic City, we headed to Tuckerton Seaport.

Tuckerton Seaport is a working maritime village with some historic and some recreated buildings around a mile-long boardwalk on Tuckerton Creek.

The lighthouse is one of the recreated buildings because the original fell into the ocean in 1927 as the island on which it sat eroded away. Tucker’s Island was completely gone by 1952.

The reproduction in Tuckerton Seaport is modeled after the 1868 lighthouse on Tucker’s Island. Tucker’s Island was originally a part of Long Beach Island but the ocean cut an inlet through it in the 1800s, creating a separate small ocean resort island with hotels, homes, a coast guard station and a lighthouse. All of this washed away in the early 1900s as the island was reclaimed by the sea.

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Location: 120 West Main Street, Tuckerton, New Jersey 08087
Designation: Maritime Museum Village
Date designated/established: May 2000
Date of my visit: October 17, 2021

Virtual Tour of Tucker’s Lighthouse from 2020 Challenge

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  1. I just read the Lighthouse challenge and it looks like you have to see all the lighthouses plus other sites as well in two days. That is quite the challenge but looks like a great road trip.

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