Glacier National Park- Aster Falls

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We spent our first day in Glacier National Park exploring the Two Medicine area. After visiting Running Eagle Falls on the way in to the park, we parked in the lot by the General Store. There were plenty of spots available at 9 AM, but none when we left in the afternoon.


The trail to Aster Falls begins at the South Shore Trail-head at the end of the lot and gently winds 1.2 miles up towards the falls. There are clear directional signs at each juncture. We passed by the lake, wildflower fields, beaver ponds and woodlands on our ascent.


We’d been told to look out for moose, bears and other wildlife. We’d brought bear spray after being warned we’d need it. But all we saw on this hike were some chipmunks and woodpeckers.


There was still snow in the higher elevations and the melt meant there was water everywhere. We navigated around mud, puddles and runoff as we hiked. The falls were pretty powerful as well.


After the falls, we decided to keep hiking up the trail to Aster Park Overlook. This was a more arduous climb, gaining about 500 feet of elevation in less than a mile via steep switchbacks.


When we got to a large clearing, my daughter and I rested and enjoyed the view of Rising Wolf Mountain. Rising Wolf was the first white man to live with the Blackfeet, having fallen in love with Chief Lone Walker’s daughter, Sinopah. Born Hugh Monroe, he was re-named Rising Wolf because of the way he got out of bed in the morning (on all fours.)


My husband decided to jog up the rest of the way which was only a little further because we could hear him calling for us. But we were exhausted and needed to be back by the lake for our reservations with the Glacier Boat Company. We waited for him and then hiked down to the shore.


Two Medicine Posts:

Location: 2 Medicine Rd, East Glacier Park, MT
Designation: National Park
Date designated/established: May 11, 1910
Date of my visit: June 23, 2018


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  1. Great photos, T. Carrying bear spray is always a good idea in grizzly country but fortunately, you didn’t ‘need’ it. Glacier certainly has its share. I was backpacking through brush on the lower elevations there once, and found lots of scat, some of it steaming! We made lots of noise. 🙂 Peggy worked her whole way through 99 bottles of beer on the wall. –Curt

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