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I flew into Saint Louis for the National Park Traveler’s club annual meeting. A club member decided to host a pre-convention meet-up in Springfield, Illinois at the Lincoln Home. Springfield is the State Capital and is also home to the Dana-Thomas House National Historic Landmark.

I drove the two hours from St. Louis and arrived early enough to tour the Dana-Thomas house before heading up to the Lincoln Home National Historic Site. I watched the park’s film, toured the home with a volunteer, walked Mr. Lincoln’s Neighborhood and visited his tomb.

Lincoln Home

Lincoln Home National Historic Site preserves the home and historic district where Abraham Lincoln lived from 1844 to 1861, before becoming the 16th president of the United States. The presidential memorial includes the four blocks surrounding the home.

I arrived at the visitor center early for our meet-up, sponsored by Dave and Loretta from the National Park Traveler’s Club. Lori volunteers at the park and led the 1PM tour of the home. Before taking the tour of the home, I watched “A Journey To Greatness.” This film follows Lincoln from his life as a Springfield lawyer to president of the United States.

In 1837, Lincoln moved from New Salem to Springfield at the start of his law career. He met his wife, Mary Todd, at her sister’s home in Springfield and married there in 1842. Abraham and Mary bought the historic-site house at 413 South Eighth Street in 1844. It was the only home that Lincoln ever owned.

The Lincolns welcomed three of their children there and one, Eddie, died there. The house contains twelve rooms spread over two floors. Lori’s guided tour of the home gave us a glimpse of the family’s life over the 17 years they lived there, and Abraham’s rise to the presidency.

Springfield Posts

Location: 301 E Lawrence Ave, Springfield, IL
Designation: National Historic Landmark, State Historic Site
Date designated/established: January 7, 1976 NHL
Date of my visit: July 13, 2022

In this introductory episode of “At Home With The Lincolns”, you can virtually tour the historic home.

14 thoughts on “Lincoln Home National Historic Site

  1. Hi Theresa,
    I’ve bookmarked these two sites in Springfield, IL along with Abe’s cabin in “Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site” about 20 miles distant. I am currently planning a 2024 road trip and this will be on the return leg. Thanks for highlighting these venues so beautifully. This politician, who never lost sight of his moral/ethical compass, is a hero of mine. Stewart

  2. Thanks for the tour, T. Lincoln once represented ancestors of mine in a lawsuit. 🙂
    On another note, since Peggy and I spend so much time visiting National Parks, what can you tell me about the National Park Traveler’s club? –Curt

    1. Oh sorry I missed this question, Curt. Go to the club evolved over 20 years ago from people who collect passport stamps. They now have over 2k members. Many are there for the stamp database, but there are a lot like me who don’t stamp, appreciate the park unit checklist and the collective park knowledge of the group. There are frequent meetups and an annual convention. Right now I’m touring New England with a road trip buddy. We’ll be attending a meetup at a park today where we’ll watch a reenactment of red coats/ patriots stuff. I wouldn’t have known about the event if not for the club. Membership is $5 a year😃

  3. A lot of people don’t know this but Mary Todd came from a prominent family and whose money helped Lincoln out. She had been a very well educated woman from a good background that was treated like a rube when she went to DC by the other wives. This is one of the reasons why she had so many problems on top of the pressures of the war going on and losing two children. I can see her touches in this home and how she wanted to be seen by society.

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