Alaska Botanical Garden

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Anchorage Eco-Tour

On our last day in Alaska, we took the Anchorage Eco Tour with Salmon Berry Tours. Our guide picked us up at our hotel and whisked us away to the William Jack Hernandez Hatchery, the Alaska Botanical Garden and the Campbell Creek Estuary.

Alaska Botanical Garden

The Alaska Botanical Garden covers 110-acres inside the Far North Bicentennial Park in Anchorage, Alaska. It opened in 1993 and is run by a non-profit organization. Their mission is to educate the public on the value of plant life.

Much of the land remains in its natural state. Trails connect the various sections and meander through the spruce and birch forest. The Alaska Botanical Garden features eight demonstration gardens. These include two perennial gardens, an herb garden and a rock garden.

We were surprised to see so many blooming flowers in such a cold climate. While the season is short, it is lush.

We saw a few art installations integrated into the trails. Night and Day features a giant set of magpies. The flank the trail seeming to reach out to each other.

Artists in the Anchorage Heritage Garden incorporated a vintage 1947 Chevy pickup truck into the design of the garden. The bed of the truck was filled with spring blooms when we were there,

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Location: 4601 Campbell Airstrip Road, Anchorage, AK
Designation: Botanical Garden
Date designated/established: 1993
Date of my visit: June 7, 2022

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