Capitol Reef: Bentonite Hills

IMG_8758 Bentonite Hills
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We saw the Bentonite Hills while touring Cathedral Valley with Jen Howe from Red Rock Adventure Guides. After photographing the sunrise at the Temples of the Sun and Moon, we drove part of the Cathedral Valley Loop towards Caineville. Here and there we stopped to admire the scenery.

Bentonite Hills

The official stop for the Bentonite Hills is at the beginning of the Cathedral Valley Loop on Hartnett Road. These round, multicolored hills form a painted desert. The bands are mud, silt and volcanic ash deposited in layers during the Jurassic era. We saw some of these hills on Cathedral Road as we we were exiting the park to head towards Goblin Valley.

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Location: Wayne, Utah
Designation: National Park
Date Designated/Established: 12/18/1971
Date of my visit: 4/13/2017