The Barnyard Sanctuary


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The Barnyard Sanctuary is a rescue center for farm animals. In many cases, they rehabilitate the animals and adopt them out to new homes, but many become permanent residents to live out the remainder of their lives in peace.


I toured the sanctuary with a photography group a few years ago (visitors need to make an appointment for a tour.) Tamala, the founder, showed us around and told us the stories behind some of the residents. Many of the horses were saved from being shipped off to Canada to be slaughtered for dog food. One of the pigs had been abandoned and found wandering near a rest stop on route 80.


All the animals seemed happy and well-cared for. In fact, Barnyard Sanctuary seemed like Disney’s Patch of Heaven farm from Home on the Range. They gravitated towards us as we walked through the pastures.


We watched a big mule socialize with a herd of miniature horses. Then, to our delight, they ran around the field.


In eight years, the Sanctuary has rescued over 3000 animals and cares for around 700 on a rented 15 acre farm with a bunch of volunteers. They are looking to purchase a larger farm nearby which would allow them to grow their own hay and care for more animals.


Location: 31 Stark Rd, Columbia, NJ 07832

Designation: Non profit animal rescue

Date designated or established: 2010

Date of my visit: 6/25/2016


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  1. We’re so thankful for sanctuaries like this one that can help animals abandoned and neglected by people. Its interesting to note the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals was founded before the society for the prevention of cruelty to children.

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