Zion National Park: Zion Lodge


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When visiting Zion National Park, we stayed in the Watchman building of Zion Lodge. These were reasonably priced accommodations with a rustic motel vibe and common areas in each building with fireplaces, seating and board games.

The convenience of being inside the park made staying here worthwhile…there are long lines to get from Springdale to the Visitors Center each morning and then more lines to board the shuttles since no cars are allowed on the park drive.


The original lodge was built in 1924, but had to be rebuilt quickly after a fire in 1966 destroyed it. Remodeled in the nineties, it was restored to its appearance from the twenties, but it lacks the charm and grandeur of other classic park lodges. Convenience and the breathtaking surroundings are what make it.

Location: Springdale, Utah

Designation: National Park

Date designated/established: 11/19/1919

Date of my visit: April 2017


14 thoughts on “Zion National Park: Zion Lodge

    1. It is…I think I’d rather try Fall next time though. In winter, you really can’t visit the Kolob section of the park because of snow. In April we were able to hike there and it was chilly, but we couldn’t visit Cedar Breaks National Monument just an hour north because the park road hadn’t been cleared for the season yet.

    1. There is always a trade off, I guess. I think we got lucky in Jan. 2018, as Utah North got the heavy snow, while the South and also the Grand Canyon were in drought. Also, it was during a government shutdown, so some people may have stayed away. Allan

  1. Planned to go here this summer, but had to reschedule our trip. Since I’m rescheduling, do you have any recs for the best time of year to visit Zion?

    1. We went in April, over my daughter’s spring break. It was somewhat crowded, but nowhere near as crowded as if we’d gone in the summer. Allan above mentioned he went in winter and had no lines. I don’t think I’d want to go then, though, because the Kolob Canyons section would be inaccessible due to snow (higher elevation than the main park area.) If we were to visit again, I think we’d plan late September…school is on in most places so the crowds should be lighter, but it’s still early for any snow to have accumulated in the Northern section. Also, many of the restaurants and shops in neighboring Springdale are closed in winter

  2. Staying in the Lodge is the way to go so you can drive in to the park rather than take the bus. When we were there several years ago, the park flooded and had to be evacuated. Several people were killed in flash floods. The Park was great, but we cut the visit short and went on to Bryce.

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