Hau’ula Beach Park


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As part of our North Shore tour, we stopped at Hau’ula beach to take a dip in the ocean. All beaches in Hawaii are public and this one has a parking lot, restrooms and showers.  Hau’ula translates to ‘red hibiscus.’


Hau’ula Beach Park is on Oahu’s windward coast and is popular with the locals for picnicking. It was quiet when we were there and we were the only tourists.


The beach itself is narrow…our shoes almost got washed away when we didn’t leave them high enough up the bank. I also noticed an unfortunate problem with plastic garbage washing up on the shore. But it was peaceful…some of the other beaches along that section of the highway were packed with no available parking, so it was nice to be away from the crowds.


Location: 54-135 Kamehameha Hwy, Hauula, HI 96717

Designation: Public Beach

Date of my visit: April 11, 2019



19 thoughts on “Hau’ula Beach Park

      1. Hawaii doesn’t give out plastic bags anymore. They either have paper bags in the stores or they charge for the plastic ones. We did see more tourists opting to put their purchases in their backpacks rather than buy a disposable bag, so it looks like the law is cutting down the usage. More states should adopt this. What I saw washing up were motor oil containers and other hard plastic bits that looked like they came from an auto shop. Irresponsible shop owner or stuff falling off a recycling barge?


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