Ramapo County Reservation: Falls


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We frequently visit Ramapo County Reservation. It’s a great green space in the midst of densely populated suburbia, has plenty of well-maintained trails and it’s dog friendly. Scroll down for the link to my previous post about this park.


We were late getting there to celebrate the arrival of spring this year because Lily had been sick in April and required surgery.  Finally, by Memorial Day Weekend, everyone was healthy enough to get out to the park.


We crossed the bridge past the turtle bog and headed straight to the section of the Yellow Vista Loop Trail that heads towards the park’s waterfall.

In May, there was still a decent amount of water flowing. By late summer, it slows to a trickle.


After resting at the falls, we headed back to the car, satisfied with a short hike for this day. Little did we know that this would be Monkey’s last hike. She fell ill and died only three weeks after these photos were taken.


Ramapo Reservation Posts:


Location: 608 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah, NJ 07430

Designation: County Park

Date designated or established: 1972

Date of my visit: 5/25/2019


37 thoughts on “Ramapo County Reservation: Falls

  1. Another beautiful park. So sorry about your Monkey. Amazing physical similarities between your Monkey and our Chloe, the Colorado Traveling Dog with our Traveling Ducks. Monkey looks happy to be out with you. Good memories.

      1. Oh my gosh – yes!! I was so disappointed last week as I usually take a weekend hike there. Had to scramble to find a new place since it’s so close to me. Glad it’s reopened though:)

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