Fort DeRussy Beach Park Video


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Fort DeRussy is a beach-front military reservation in the Waikiki area. The beach stretches between Kahanamoku Beach and the Outrigger Hotel. While it is under the jurisdiction of the US Army, most of the park, including the beach, is open to the public. You can see my original post on Fort DeRussy here.


When going through my camera roll, I found a video clip I’d forgotten to include in the original post, so here it is. Enjoy!

Location: 2055 Kalia Rd, Honolulu, HI 96815

Designation: Military Reservation

Date established/designated: circa 1904

Date of my visit: April 2019

8 thoughts on “Fort DeRussy Beach Park Video

  1. I see that the Fort has not changed a whole lot since my days in Pearl Harbor. It was a nice place to walk to the beach area. I remember it from your Images.

  2. Soldiers from Vietnam were bused from the airport to Fort De Russy where their wives and girlfriends were waiting.
    Older than most and thinking ahead, I got on the bus last [standing room only] so I was first off the bus. But Alie, also older than most of screaming young women, stood at the far end of the line where it was less noisy — so I had to go the through the entire gauntlet to reach her. It was an amazing experience.

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